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  • Awesome Tech Tools

    Tech Tools that Make Small Business Life Better

    My top 5 software tools that I depend on to make more money and have less hassle!

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  • Firing a Client

    When to Fire a Client

    Over the course of my career, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some truly amazing clients. But I’ve also run into the occasional client who has been less than ideal to work with…

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    Help Your Team Do It Right, Every Time

    Recently a client told me how much time she’s been spending on certain administrative tasks. When I asked why her assistant isn’t doing these for her, she threw up her hands. “She just messes it up, and then it takes me longer to fix it.”

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  • Keys to Growth

    Three Top Strategies for Growth in 2016

    This is the time of year when we all step back, see how the year went for our business, and then wonder how to improve things in the coming year. My clients often ask me: “Where should I focus my energy? How do I plan for successful growth?”

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  • Niche Market - Bow & Arrow

    Want to Sell More? Stop Trying to Serve Everyone

    They say “variety is the spice of life,” and one thing most of us business owners enjoy is that we get to do lots of different types of work, with different types of customers.  There are many benefits to this variety, but today I want …

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  • Round Peg Square Hole Depositphotos 7477807 Crop

    What You Want To Sell Isn’t What They Want To Buy

    We love helping our clients achieve the greatest possible success.  But sometimes, it seems like they themselves don’t want that.  Many clients only want the most basic, stripped-down version of what we offer.  And other clients ignore our suggestions for proactive, preventative work, and only …

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  • Danger Sign

    7 Reasons to Turn Down a Project

    Most of us feel pressure to take whatever work we can get.  One of my clients used to live by the mantra, “a job is better than no job.”  But in fact, we’ll be happier–and probably make more money!–if we are more selective. Here’s seven …

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  • bullseye

    Stop Trying to Be Everything to Everyone

    You probably have the desire and the ability to help lots of people with lots of different challenges.  Your business may have become known as a jack of all trades. While a diverse group of happy customers is something to be proud of, being all …

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  • Which Social Media Sites You DON’T Need to Be On

    So many sites and so little time!  You could spend hours a day with likes, pins, tweets, +1’s and more!  Instead of adding to your already-full plate, here’s how to get better results with less time. Principle #1: Don’t Try to Do Everything When it …

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  • Create Your Annual Growth Strategy in 20 Minutes

    Want this year to be a lot better than the last? Not sure where to focus to maximize growth? For most of us, our head is spinning with tons of ideas, and our to list is full of issues to address. It’s hard to get …

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