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  • The Salesman Guide 1928

    What to Do When Prospects Don’t Understand Your Product or Service

    Do you ever struggle to get potential clients to see how much you could help them?  I work with companies that do amazing work, and most of them face this communication challenge.  As a result they’re not closing as much business as they’d like, and …

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  • Formula for a Killer Elevator Pitch

    Want people to perk up and say WOW! when they hear your elevator pitch?  Here’s a simple formula. First of all, beware of some common errors people make when introducing themselves: Bottom line:  If you’re missing any of the key ingredients in a powerful elevator …

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  • An Interview with Evan on Entrepreneurship

    This week, The Corner, a European business journal, caught up with me for an interview about how I started my business, and my suggestions for how entrepreneurs can reach new heights. Click HERE to read the interview, titled Getting ‘likes’ on Facebook or Twitter followers …

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