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Tech Tools that Make Small Business Life Better

Awesome Tech Tools

My top 5 software tools that I depend on to make more money and have less hassle!
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How to Upgrade Your Clients

upgrade to the next level

A lot of people approach me because they want better clients than the ones they’re getting normally. Typically that means bigger clients, higher-paying projects. Or nicer clients, who treat you well. Clients that are totally aligned with the work you love to do. Guess what — this is totally doable! I’ve helped hundreds of small business owners upgrade their client base, and it can happen in a matter of months. I myself have been consistently upgrading my client base in my video marketing agency. When we started, I was just happy to have paying customers. Since then I’ve moved us from 5-figure clients, to 6-figure clients, to high-prestige projects with major brands and even a Times Square billboard! Here are five of my best tips to bring in the clients you really want. Follow these and you’ll be amazed how quickly it’ll work. 1. Put It Out There Loud & …
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5 Tricks to Find Part-Time Employees

A successful freelance designer recently approached me to say how overwhelmed she was. Seemingly overnight she had swung from desperately searching for clients to being swamped with project work. She needed help fast, but…
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5 Ways to Raise Prices without Losing Clients

Recently the owner of a successful design firm approached me for help raising their rates. They hadn’t raised their rates in years, and she knew their fees were quite low compared to many of their competitors. But she was very nervous. She couldn’t afford to alienate her existing clients, and she was wary of scaring away new prospects. I find that the design firm’s situation is quite common. Most successful freelancers and small businesses face this challenge at some point. The good news is it’s one that I’ve seen so many businesses overcome. Here are five ways to raise prices successfully: 1. Focus on Increasing Profitability, not the Number of Clients It’s impossible to raise your rates and guarantee that you won’t lose clients. (For that matter, it’s impossible to keep your rates steady and guarantee that you won’t lose clients.) Raising your prices is a strategic decision that is …
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When the Client Won’t Tell You Their Budget

Tired of shooting in the dark? Don’t like leaving money on the table? Here’s how to close the sale and maximize your earnings.
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