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  • The Salesman Guide 1928

    What to Do When Prospects Don’t Understand Your Product or Service

    Do you ever struggle to get potential clients to see how much you could help them?  I work with companies that do amazing work, and most of them face this communication challenge.  As a result they’re not closing as much business as they’d like, and …

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  • Attraction Magnet

    7 Keys to a Website that Attracts Clients

    These days, customers inevitably visit your website before deciding whether to buy from you.  So how do you optimize your site to attract clients? The good news is you don’t need a lot of bells & whistles, you don’t need beautiful graphic design (although it’s …

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  • Lunchable

    Why Your Latest Service Idea Isn’t Selling

    I recently worked with a consulting firm that wanted to reach new types of clients. They built some new service packages to target these clients, but clients weren’t biting.

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  • Bigger Projects

    3 Keys to Sell a Big or Complex Project

    An IT company I work with was struggling to close clients for its network overhaul service.  Prospective clients kept disappearing–sometimes they’d explicitly balk at the price tag, other times they’d just stop responding to calls and emails.  It was especially frustrating because they could tell …

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    Dealing with Cheap Alternatives to Hiring You

    I recently advised a lawyer who was exasperated from a conversation with a potential client.  “This guy kept comparing us to Legal Zoom!” he told me.  “How can he compare the customized service of our highly-skilled legal team to a one-size-fits-all template downloaded from a …

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  • Tio Pepe 20 Sq

    Using Speaking to Find New Clients

    When I started my business, getting new clients was a time-consuming, manual process. Hours and days and weeks went into networking events, coffee chats, and often-fruitless marketing.

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  • Depositphotos 25082967 3dmentat 250 250

    How to Turn an Ending Project into New Business

    When a client engagement ends, it’s often bittersweet. It’s great to have another happy customer appreciating your work. But it’s also sad, because the revenue ends. Most business owners don’t realize there are ways to turn this sad event into new business.

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  • Depositphotos 2039269 Original Iqoncept 300

    Building Partnerships that Generate Referrals

    As I’ve been planning my wedding, I’ve been so impressed by the wedding industry’s savvy at giving and receiving referrals. Planning the wedding has been very stressful. (Shocking, I know.) Fortunately, one of the simpler parts has been finding reputable vendors. Even though we will end up using about a dozen different vendors, I’m confident we’ll have great ones.

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  • Depositphotos 3919511 Original Carloscastilla Resize

    Five Common Newsletter Mistakes

    How many email newsletters do you receive every day?  Most of us get quite a few.  So how do you make sure yours stands out? Many people have said to me, “Evan, yours is the only newsletter I actually read.”  I take this as quite …

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  • Depositphotos 4811559 Small Kbuntu

    Land Bigger Projects by Offering Options

    Recently, a marketing firm hired me to help them sell bigger projects.  I suggested that they beef up their proposals and pitch bigger projects to their prospects.  “We can’t do that,” my client explained, “because we’re already too expensive for many prospects, and losing that …

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