Which Social Media Sites You DON’T Need to Be On

So many sites and so little time!  You could spend hours a day with likes, pins, tweets, +1’s and more!  Instead of adding to your already-full plate, here’s how to get better results with less time.

Principle #1: Don’t Try to Do Everything

When it comes to social media, it’s better to do one thing well than have a skimpy presence on many sites.  Because each post only lives for days–or hours–in viewers’ newsfeed, focused efforts will yield much better visibility with customers and prospective customers.  If you’re being stretched thin, cut some social sites off of your list.

Principle #2: Go Where Your Customers Are

Which sites do you focus on?  Go where your customers are.  If you’re selling professional services, your clients are on LinkedIn.  If you’re selling to engaged couples, your customers are on Facebook.  If you’re selling to housewives, your customers are on Pinterest.

Here’s a quick review of the main sites, with tips on whether to use it or cut it.

The Biggies


With 750 million unique visitors every month, Facebook is the behemoth of social networking.  As such, it should get strong consideration for any business.  Also, don’t make the mistake that Facebook is only for young people.  65% of Facebook users are 35 or older!

However, if you only have time for one social network, and you’re selling to businesses, you don’t need to be here.


Often overlooked, LinkedIn is an extremely powerful platform for finding clients in the professional world.  With 110 million unique monthly visitors, whose average age is 44, this vibrant community is a must for B2B companies.  At the same time, if you’re a consumer or lifestyle business, don’t waste your time here.


Twitter has the most committed users of any social network, who send half a BILLION tweets every day.  If you’re a natural at social media, you’ll be able to mobilize and inspire a following here.  If you don’t love social media, you’ll quickly find Twitter exhausting, and you’ll simply be lost in the noise.

The Other Guys


Very underutilized, this is an excellent platform for people trying to share products or expertise.  Check out my article, How to Use Video to Promote Your Business for suggestions.  Keep in mind, even the simplest video takes a hundred times longer than a status update, so you might want to postpone your YouTube debut.


Now officially one of the most important social networks, Pinterest is a valuable place to reach wealthy women and creative people.  If that’s not your target, or if your business doesn’t come across well visually, you don’t need to get on this bandwagon yet.


Google’s social network still hasn’t gotten enough traction to warrant attention, unless you’re selling to technology buffs.  That said, Google appreciates your creating a page, and it’s rumored to help your search rankings…so why not?

Other Networks

Depending on your business, there may be specialty networks you should target.  Going after moms?  Check out CafeMom.  Visual or lifestyle business?  Think about Instagram or Tumblr.  Doing business in Europe?  Join Xing.  Just to name a few.  But remember, don’t get carried away.  Quality, NOT quantity.

Action Plan

What networks are you going to focus on?  How will you become more efficient online?  Let me know in the comments below!

Sources: The eBusiness Knowledgebase, Pingdom, CNet.

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