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  • Better Price Best Price

    5 Common Pricing Mistakes

    A graphic designer recently confided that she really had no idea if her prices were right. Her firm was successful, and they made decent money. But she knew some firms charged quite a bit more, and she wondered if she could raise her rates. At …

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  • Keys to Growth

    Three Top Strategies for Growth in 2016

    This is the time of year when we all step back, see how the year went for our business, and then wonder how to improve things in the coming year. My clients often ask me: “Where should I focus my energy? How do I plan for successful growth?”

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  • Pricing Basics (Don’t Stab in the Dark)

    Do you ever feel that setting prices is like stabbing in the dark?  It shouldn’t be.  There’s an art and a science to price setting that, when followed, will immediately increase your profit. This is why, when I’m starting with a new client, we often …

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  • Are Your Customers Happy Enough?

    Most of your customers like buying from you.  Some LOVE you.  And some…well you can’t please them all. But are your customers happy ENOUGH?  Have they been getting happier over time?  Or could your product or service quality be slipping a bit?  How do you …

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  • MP900305862

    What Numbers to Track in Your Business

    With SO MANY numbers floating around your business (not to mention your QuickBooks!) it can be overwhelming. Which numbers really matter? Which ones should you be keeping track of? I’m a big believer in tracking the numbers you want to grow!  By looking at them regularly, …

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