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    7 Keys to a Website that Attracts Clients

    These days, customers inevitably visit your website before deciding whether to buy from you.  So how do you optimize your site to attract clients? The good news is you don’t need a lot of bells & whistles, you don’t need beautiful graphic design (although it’s …

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    How to Turn an Ending Project into New Business

    When a client engagement ends, it’s often bittersweet. It’s great to have another happy customer appreciating your work. But it’s also sad, because the revenue ends. Most business owners don’t realize there are ways to turn this sad event into new business.

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    How to Get Awesome Testimonials

    Wish more people would hire you with less questioning and fuss?  Get stronger testimonials. When potential clients are balking about price, stalling, or otherwise skeptical, it’s because they’re not 100% convinced you can deliver incredible results.  You can (and probably already have) told them everything …

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