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    5 Tricks to Find Part-Time Employees

    A successful freelance designer recently approached me to say how overwhelmed she was. Seemingly overnight she had swung from desperately searching for clients to being swamped with project work. She needed help fast, but…

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  • Is This the Right Person for the Job?

    In a small business, everyone needs to be pulling much more than his or her own weight.  But it’s often hard to know if someone’s the right person for the job.  Nobody‚Äôs 100% perfect, but is this person good enough?  Would it be worth the …

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  • Five Tips for a Better Job Posting

    You know that having top talent is critical to your business success (not to mention to reducing your stress level!).  Here are simple ways to find better people with less effort–starting with the Job Posting. The biggest mistake people make is thinking only about what …

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