Five Tips for a Better Job Posting

You know that having top talent is critical to your business success (not to mention to reducing your stress level!).  Here are simple ways to find better people with less effort–starting with the Job Posting.

The biggest mistake people make is thinking only about what they need to find, and forgetting to think about what the candidate will be looking for.  Hiring is like dating: it has to be a two-way fit!  If you’re not showing your peacock feathers in the Job Posting, great candidates won’t even bother to apply.  Follow these tips to make sure you bring in top talent.

Don’t Post a “Job Description”! You Have to Sell the Job

There’s no faster way to bore a prospective applicant than a laundry list of duties.  Explain the job in a way that highlights what’s great about the job.  What do they have the opportunity to do?  Why is this role important to the company?  What growth opportunities might there be?  Get inside the head of the type of person you’re hiring.  A computer programmer will get excited to create awesome new technology.  A social media manager might be impressed with the buzz you’ve already created and the VIPs in your network.

Ask for More than a Resume

Expedite the screening process by asking candidates to include more in their initial application.  What would help you decide whom to interview?  For a creative role, ask for a work sample.  For a marketing role, ask for a writing sample.  Ask for links to their blog, portfolio, or other work, if relevant.  This way, you can screen candidates more efficiently.

Whether to Include Pay Range

The answer is yes if you have a pretty clear idea of what you want to pay.  This way, you won’t waste your time with candidates who turn out to have expectations you can’t afford.  However, if you’d be willing to go a lot higher for an incredible candidate, it’s better to keep the range hidden.  In this case, indicate “number of years of experience” as a proxy for salary expectations.

Avoid Insider Language & Jargon

You’re immersed in your company and it’s easy to forget when you’re using jargon and acronyms that an applicant isn’t going to understand.  Show your posting to a friend outside of your company and ask him/her to circle any insider language or jargon for you.

Include Search Keywords

If you’re posting on any job boards, be sure to include keywords to make it easy for applicants to find your job when they do a search.  Good keywords include specific skills, software to know, industry-specific terms, etc.

Job Posting Outline

Here are the sections for a typical Job Posting.  Feel free to customize it for your needs!

  • Company Description:  Keep it short and exciting!
  • Position Description:  What’s compelling about this opportunity?
  • Requirements:  Typically two bulleted lists; one for “required experience” and one for “bonus points.”
  • Benefits:  Include it if there’s anything special your company has to offer.
  • Call to Action:  What’s the next step for the applicant?  Tell them what to send and where to send it, usually an email address like

What’s worked for you?

Please leave a comment and let me know what tips you have to share!

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