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When to Fire a Client

Firing a Client

Over the course of my career, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some truly amazing clients. But I’ve also run into the occasional client who has been less than ideal to work with…
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4 Ways to Handle Price-Obsessed Prospects

Price-Obsessed Clients

“Oh, that’s expensive.” I used to hate hearing this. Everything would be going great with a potential client. I would explain how I can help them, and they would nod their head enthusiastically. Then I would tell them the price and everything would grind to a screeching halt. “Oh, that’s expensive,” they’d say, shaking their head. Panic would hit me. How can I win the business? Do I need to lower my price? It’s taken me years and some painful experiences to learn how to best handle price objections. Today, I’ll share four ways to deal with price concerns, so you can land more clients without lowering your prices. 1. Steer clear of “Google dialers” With many prospects, the issue of price will come up after you’ve had a chance to explore their situation. But some prospects insist on making it the first order of business. I call these people …
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What to Do When Prospects Don’t Understand Your Product or Service

The Salesman Guide 1928

[margin30] Do you ever struggle to get potential clients to see how much you could help them?  I work with companies that do amazing work, and most of them face this communication challenge.  As a result they’re not closing as much business as they’d like, and they’re not serving as many people as they could. The New York Public Library recently invited me to give a talk about this issue, and they wrote up some of my advice on their blog.  Definitely worth a read! [fancy_link link=”” variation=”blue” target=”blank”]Check it out on the library’s blog![/fancy_link]
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5 Common Pricing Mistakes

Better Price Best Price

A graphic designer recently confided that she really had no idea if her prices were right. Her firm was successful, and they made decent money. But she knew some firms charged quite a bit more, and she wondered if she could raise her rates. At the same time, she hated that her firm lost work because they were too expensive, and she knew she could work on a smaller profit margin and capture more work. “Shouldn’t someone who’s been doing this for years have this figured out by now?” she asked me. In my experience, this conundrum is quite common. Many successful business owners struggle to figure out their pricing. And with good reason. While there is an element of science to pricing strategy, there is also a lot of art and a big dose of trial and error. In working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, I’ve seen some consistent patterns …
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Help Your Team Do It Right, Every Time

Recently a client told me how much time she’s been spending on certain administrative tasks. When I asked why her assistant isn’t doing these for her, she threw up her hands. “She just messes it up, and then it takes me longer to fix it.”
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