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    Five Common Newsletter Mistakes

    How many email newsletters do you receive every day?  Most of us get quite a few.  So how do you make sure yours stands out? Many people have said to me, “Evan, yours is the only newsletter I actually read.”  I take this as quite …

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    Land Bigger Projects by Offering Options

    Recently, a marketing firm hired me to help them sell bigger projects.  I suggested that they beef up their proposals and pitch bigger projects to their prospects.  “We can’t do that,” my client explained, “because we’re already too expensive for many prospects, and losing that …

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    Want to Sell More? Stop Trying to Serve Everyone

    They say “variety is the spice of life,” and one thing most of us business owners enjoy is that we get to do lots of different types of work, with different types of customers.  There are many benefits to this variety, but today I want …

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    What You Want To Sell Isn’t What They Want To Buy

    We love helping our clients achieve the greatest possible success.  But sometimes, it seems like they themselves don’t want that.  Many clients only want the most basic, stripped-down version of what we offer.  And other clients ignore our suggestions for proactive, preventative work, and only …

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    How to Handle Requests for Freebies

    There was a moment after I started my business when I realized that lots of people were hitting me up for advice.  Not only were clients eager to learn as much from me as possible, but old friends and new contacts were asking to “pick …

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    How to Get Awesome Testimonials

    Wish more people would hire you with less questioning and fuss?  Get stronger testimonials. When potential clients are balking about price, stalling, or otherwise skeptical, it’s because they’re not 100% convinced you can deliver incredible results.  You can (and probably already have) told them everything …

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  • How to Get Clients to Behave (and Still Love You)

    You love your clients…most of the time.  Sometimes they are really aggravating!  They can be late, uncooperative, or unresponsive.  They can be overly demanding (like when they ask for the moon and budget for marbles).  I want to share strategies to keep your clients in …

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    How to Take High Road & Still Make More Money

    It’s election season here in New York City, and a lot of candidates’ marketing is designed to highlight the flaws of their opponents.  I’ve received many mailings that basically say, “My opponent is a liar,” or, “My opponent is evil.”  It made me think how …

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    7 Reasons to Turn Down a Project

    Most of us feel pressure to take whatever work we can get.  One of my clients used to live by the mantra, “a job is better than no job.”  But in fact, we’ll be happier–and probably make more money!–if we are more selective. Here’s seven …

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    Stop Trying to Be Everything to Everyone

    You probably have the desire and the ability to help lots of people with lots of different challenges.  Your business may have become known as a jack of all trades. While a diverse group of happy customers is something to be proud of, being all …

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