How to Use Video & YouTube to Promote Your Business


Want people to get to know your business better?  Wish it were easier to explain your business to potential customers?  You can do this in a place and format that they love: YouTube videos.

Video for Business
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Video is the fastest-growing thing on the internet.  Did you know that:

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  • Every day, over 4 billion videos are viewed on YouTube.
  • Every day, 500 YEARS of video are watched on Facebook.


Source: YouTube

And it’s not all cat videos!  Innovative small businesses realize that they can create and strengthen relationships with customers with video.  My clients have had success using videos on their homepage, blogs, product info, and social media pages.

The best place to start is a simple homepage video to introduce yourself and your business.  For example, check out my homepage video.

Don’t Worry.  It Can Be Easy.

It can be easy to create videos for your business.  Don’t feel like you need to create a brilliant viral sensation.  You don’t need to hire a production team.  Just get out your point & shoot camera, or your smartphone, find a decent background with good lighting, and you’re ready to record!  Then post it to your website, your Facebook page, or your blog, and people will watch it.

The most powerful videos for small businesses are simple and short.  They do one of three things:

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  • Explain what you do for people
  • Tell the story about who you are
  • Demonstrate your expertise by showing & teaching


These topics strengthen your relationships with new and existing customers, and help them to understand your offerings–and buy from you.  They bring your benefits and expertise to life. 

Video Allows them to Get to Know You

Do you feel like you know President Obama?  You probably have never met him, but you know what kind of guy he is, what he’d be like to be around.  It’s because you’ve seen him on video so many times.  You feel like you know him.

When people see you and your team on video, they will begin to feel like they know you–even if they’ve never met you.  If they already know you, they will get to know you better, because they’re hearing you talk, and seeing the way you think–even though you’re not actually with them.  The more that people have seen you on video, the more comfortable they are buying from you.  Because they feel like they know you and your business better.

Great Video Topic Examples


Product Business Service Business
Salesperson Becca shows off her favorite summer fashion items How our CPA’s can save you thousands on your tax return
My dog Fluffy, and how he inspired me to start a pet store How helping my mom with her iPhone morphed into my tech support business
Inside the Kitchen: Why our cookies are so delicious Secrets to a great neck massage


What topics would excite customers for your business?  Let me know by posting a reply below!

Action Plan

Follow these four steps to easily promote your business via video:

[dropcap3]1[/dropcap3]Create an account for your business on YouTube by going to this page.  (You may have to sign out of your personal account first.)

[dropcap3]2[/dropcap3]Brainstorm a topic for your first video.  Keep it simple.  A great place to start is to introduce yourself, your team, and/or your place of business.  Write out a script–and keep the whole thing under 2 minutes!

[dropcap3]3[/dropcap3]Grab your digital camera, iPhone, or anything that captures decent video and start recording.  If you want to get fancy and do some simple editing, there are free programs.  Try Movie Maker for Windows or iMovie for Mac.

[dropcap3]4[/dropcap3]Upload the video to YouTube, then put it on your website and post it to your Facebook page!

Share Your Thoughts

If you’re just starting with video, what ideas do you have for you first video?   Or if you’re a veteran, what have you found effective in creating or sharing videos?   Share your ideas with me and the community in the comments below!

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