In his 10+ years as a business manager, Evan was responsible for all aspects of the business: marketing, operations, finance, and human resources.  Having run multi-million dollar businesses in diverse industries, he knows how to look at the big picture and see what a business needs to do to grow.

Evan works with his clients to develop a customized program to build the bigger business they want to create.  He knows what it looks like to run a bigger business, and he identifies what each business owner needs to do to achieve his or her goals.

Here are some common goals Evan helps his clients achieve:

Grow Your Revenue FASTER

Wish you had more business? Want to expand your customer base? Looking for ways to jump-start your growth?

Evan teaches advanced marketing techniques to achieve record growth. For example, he grew a $250 Million business at Samsung by over 20% year-on-year.

He’ll show you the tactics taught at Harvard Business School, and how they can be applied cost-effectively to your business. Evan will customize this advice for your company and industry dynamics. He can also review your current marketing programs to make sure you’re getting maximum value for your money.

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Work SMARTER Not Harder

Are you working like crazy, but not making the progress you want? Are you constantly fighting fires, and struggling to get the important stuff done?

Evan will show you the smartest, quickest way toward your goals. He’s had to develop this ability, having managed global supply chains with millions of units being sold at thousands of stores.

Evan’s an expert at helping you cut through the clutter and focus you on the highest-impact activities. And he understands the distractions that come up every day. That’s why Evan will keep checking in with you. He’ll help you problem solve in real time, and he’ll keep you on track and accountable to your goals.

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EXPAND Your Team

Do you have too much on your plate?  Are you a bottleneck?  Want more business than your team can support right now?

To grow your business quickly, you want to scale your team in a smart, flexible way.  Whether you’re thinking about your first hire, or your 50th, Evan will help you ensure you’re growing in the smartest way possible.  You’ll be able to answer key questions, like the right timing, the right job description, and the right hiring process.  Evan can also show you how to delegate more effectively–so you are confident things are being done properly.

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Want to grow, but never sure if now is the right time to invest?  Can you really afford a bigger space, another employee, or that new equipment?

Evan empowers you to invest confidently in your growth.  He puts his Harvard MBA to work to figure out what you can afford, and when.  He knows how confusing this can be–especially if you’re not a numbers person.  Evan will coach you through the process, making it easy to understand.

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Ever feel overwhelmed? Are you sometimes unsure about which path to pursue? Never ran a business this big before?

Working with Evan brings a trusted advisor and business guru to your team. He understands that, while his clients are experts in their field, they often have not run a business this big before.

Evan’s clients have someone to ask for guidance on critical business issues. They have an expert in their corner, and they benefit from his Harvard MBA and many years of experience running businesses big and small.

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