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5 Reasons to Raise Your Prices

Ever wonder if your prices are right? Most people I meet wish they could charge more, but aren’t sure if it’s a smart move.
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Improve Team Productivity with One-on-Ones

One-on-One Meeting

One of my clients recently explained to me that her team was often behind on important deadlines.  As a result, her office was engaged in a constant struggle to catch up.   This was very stressful for my client (let’s call her Ellen), and it was tiring for her employees and her outside contractors. In discussing this issue, we found that Ellen’s design studio was in a pattern I see in many successful small businesses.  Even though her team was in constant communication, they were always in fire-fighting mode.  They weren’t taking time to zoom out, and plan strategically. My suggestion that Ellen make time for weekly one-on-one meetings with her team members met with understandable skepticism.  “We don’t have time for more meetings!” she said, exasperated. When Ellen took a leap of faith and implemented the regular one-on-ones, she was pleasantly surprised.  A month later, she told me that …
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Using Speaking to Find New Clients

When I started my business, getting new clients was a time-consuming, manual process. Hours and days and weeks went into networking events, coffee chats, and often-fruitless marketing.
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How to Turn an Ending Project into New Business

When a client engagement ends, it’s often bittersweet. It’s great to have another happy customer appreciating your work. But it’s also sad, because the revenue ends. Most business owners don’t realize there are ways to turn this sad event into new business.
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Building Partnerships that Generate Referrals

As I’ve been planning my wedding, I’ve been so impressed by the wedding industry’s savvy at giving and receiving referrals. Planning the wedding has been very stressful. (Shocking, I know.) Fortunately, one of the simpler parts has been finding reputable vendors. Even though we will end up using about a dozen different vendors, I’m confident we’ll have great ones.
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