2013 Growth Planning Package


Dear friends & fellow entrepreneurs,

Do you want 2013 to be your most profitable year ever?  Would you like to see not just growth, but explosive growth?  Then you can’t keep doing things the way you’ve been doing them!  That’s gotten you the results you’re already getting.

The only way a business can grow faster than ever before is to use a smarter strategy than ever before.


Why I’m Offering This

I’ve met so many entrepreneurs who want to create extraordinary growth, but aren’t yet at the stage financially to commit to a long-term advising program.

So I’m excited to offer a one-time only opportunity to start on the path of faster & smarter growth, without a long-term commitment.  I’m putting some of my best material into a package that will give you a completely new view on your business and how to grow it dramatically in 2013.

Announcing the 2013 Growth Planning Package

Imagine having CLARITY on the top three things you need to be doing NOW to bring in way more customers in 2013.  How great would it be to FOCUS on the strategies that will supercharge your business?  That’s what this program offers you.

How It Works

I’m packing a ton of insights into a compact format.  So yes, it will be intense.  Yes, you’ll learn a TON.  Yes, you’ll come out feeling confident and powerful.

The 2013 Growth Planning Package includes:

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  • 2013 Growth Planning Workbook
    I’ll send this to you right away.  In it, I walk you through a step-by-step process to identify growth opportunities in your business.  You’ll complete this workbook and come prepared for an extremely productive and action-oriented one-on-one planning session.
  • One-On-One Strategic Growth Planning Session
    In this content-packed session, we’ll dig into your business and find the major opportunities for growth.  We’ll also determine strategies for overcoming the biggest challenges you’re currently facing.  This process takes 90 minutes and will have a ton of “AHA!” moments.
  • 2013 Growth Priorities Plan
    Based on our analysis, we’ll write out the top priorities you need to focus on, to generate the success you want to see for 2013.  You’ll want to pin this tool by your desk, to keep you on track and making amazing progress all year.


I’m offering ALL OF THIS for only $675.  Yes, that little…because I want to make it accessible to more hard-working business owners.

Because of my schedule, spots are limited.  So I encourage you to sign up now.  I’ll take this webpage down when it fills up.

As a special BONUS, I want to offer one more thing.  If, after the 2013 Growth Planning Package, you decide you want my help with implementing the plans, I’ll apply half of the fee to your future advising bill,* saving you hundreds of dollars!

This will fill up quickly, so if you’re committed to having 2013 be an incredible year for your business, reserve your spot now with a $100 deposit (non-refundable).  I’ll get in touch quickly with your 2013 Growth Planning Workbook and scheduling info.

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I can’t wait to work with you to make 2013 your biggest and most profitable year ever!

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P.S. If any of your friends are looking to supercharge their business in 2013, feel free to send them a link to this page.  You can also share it with your networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).  I’m happy to offer this to them, but I can only do it for a limited time!

Note: I make no guarantees about future outcomes. Business results depend on many factors, such as economic trends, competitive trends, and your consistency in executing the plan we develop!

The balance of the package fee is due before the one-on-one planning session.

* Must begin advising package within 60 days of completing the 2013 Growth Planning Package to qualify for the savings.


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