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When I met Evan, my head was spinning.  I wanted more business, but I was overwhelmed with everything I had.  I was managing my inbox or my voicemail, but not my business.

Jack HeadshotNow, I have no shortage of business.  I’m getting three times more new clients than ever before.  I’ve built a team to delegate to.  I’ve built a self-powered sales engine.  And I’ve freed myself from a lot of non-executive tasks.  In dollar terms, I’ve gotten a 15 times return on investment with Evan!

— Jack Petrie, Founder, OfficeLeaseCenter.com, San Francisco & New York

What Evan provides is awesome!  WOW!  He gave me the tools to pay for his services within the first month.

Joseph-Pearlman.jpg.small_q100Before I hired Evan, I had a thriving business, but it wasn’t sustainable.  I was overwhelmed.  Once we started working together, it took the pressure off, I could breathe.  I felt like Evan had my back.

I’ve increased my sales by 30%, while decreasing the amount of time and energy I’m spending; therefore, I’m bringing a more charged, energetic self to my work.  And I’m a happier person because of it.

If your business is worth it to you, you’ll take the time and make the investment.  It’s a drop in the bucket compared to where this guy can take your business.

— Joseph Pearlman, Acting Coach and Owner, Pearlman Acting Academy, Los Angeles

A year and a half into my business, feedback from my clients was really positive.  But it was frustrating because I was struggling to get repeat clients and to find new clients.  And people weren’t paying me what I wanted to be paid.

eric fair-layman cropFive months into my work with Evan, I’ve gone from totally fumbling to being on top of my game.  I have a 100% increase in clients.  My clientele is building like it never has.  And they all pay what it’s worth now.  It’s incredibly satisfying.

If you’re spinning your wheels, you need to fork out the money to work with Evan because he will get you unstuck.  Trust him.

— Eric Fair-Layman, Licensed Massage Therapist and Owner, Body Reconnect, Portland, Oregon

I just had my most profitable month ever, by 40%, after 4 months with Evan.

William's HeadshotWhen I met Evan, I had just taken the leap and gone out on my own, and I was lost in the forest.  Now, I feel empowered.  I’ve got the confidence and the direction with which to move forward.  I have the language to claim what I’ve always done and articulate it to others.  It’s very empowering.

If this is the time to grow your business, invest in yourself, and work with Evan.

— Dr. William DeJean, Owner, Inspiration Unleashed, Sydney, Australia

In the year since hiring Evan, revenue has grown 50 percent.  I’ve gone from having this nagging feeling that I need to be looking for work, to having a structure and motivating force that actively moves my business forward.

I recommend Evan to anyone who’s ready to improve their business skills and grow their business.  What better time than now to get the growth you want?

— Owner, New York City Architecture Firm

Work with Evan as soon as you can afford him.  In my experience, it literally paid off within 30 days.  Right away it was a big boost for me, since Evan showed me how to ask for higher prices and to justify them.  My company’s revenue quickly increased by a third.

teriAt the time I hired Evan, I’d been in business for four years.  I’ve been a journalist my whole career, with zero experience, training or comfort level in sales.  I needed someone with more sales and marketing acumen who could also act as a sounding board.

One year into our work, I am on target to more than double my business this year.  We went from zero full-time employees to two full-time employees.  Our site traffic has tripled.  And I’m talking to a lot more potential partners, and pitching bigger contracts, than ever before.

— Teri Rogers, Founder, BrickUnderground, New York

Jeff HeadshotWhen we hired Evan, we had just gone through our worst financial month ever.  Three months into working with Evan, we had our best month ever.  And sales keep growing.  Our business has doubled over the past year.

If you have a need in your business that you don’t know how to solve, you are ready to hire Evan.  The effects are far greater than whatever the money investment is.

— Jeff Solomon & Paul Smith, Co-Owners, Techromatic (IT Consulting), New York

I have doubled the number of large ($2 million+) listings I am getting, as Evan has helped me build my name recognition and expand the pool of new clients.

Robert NelsonThere’s an energizing effect when I hang up with Evan.  I am thinking, I can’t wait to do that, I’m looking forward to applying that new bit of knowledge. If you’re gonna spend 8 to 10 hours a day on something, you want to do it in a more positive way and be happier in your life.

I recommend Evan to others who are looking for a change or looking for growth.

— Robert Nelson, Broker, Brown Harris Stevens, Southampton

My business has grown 35% after 6 months with Evan.  Anthony HeadshotAttraction of clients is better and easier, as I now have a very intuitive way of marketing my business.  Also, I feel a thousand times better about my finances.  Evan taught me to make projections so I’m able to know what’s coming in next month, instead of waiting till next month gets here.

I recommend Evan to others because he does exactly what I do–he pushes individuals to their endpoint, and then nudges very gently beyond that, which gives them the ability to do something well beyond their old parameters.

— Anthony Gittens, Personal Trainer & Owner, Element Fitness, New York

We’ve made more progress marketing our business in the 4 months since hiring Evan than in the 4 years before that. Ray HeadshotLinda Headshot We recommend Evan to other businesses; it’s an investment you have to make for your company.  We weren’t sure we could spare the time or money, but we put it all on the line and the results have been great.

— Ray Mancini & Lina Fenequito, Partners, Good World Media, New York City

When I hired Evan, I had been in business for about one year.  My clients were happy, but I wanted more of them. My pricing was very scattered, and my income was inconsistent.

Kevin Hanover HeadshotWorking with Evan has made my life much simpler.  We came up with a pricing plan that worked across the board, and right away my clientele started to pay on a regular basis.  It feels good to know what I’m valuing my services at, and there’s no need for negotiation.  When someone asks what I do, I’m able to answer that much more easily.  All this has allowed me to have record monetary months.

If you’re really looking to be more serious about growing your business and putting more focus on what works and what doesn’t work, I recommend Evan.  The investment is definitely worth the return.

— Kevin Hanover, Founder, H Body Lab (Strength & Conditioning Coaching), New York

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