Make Them Say “WOW!” Package

Here’s Your Situation

You’re awesome at what you do, and you have many happy customers to prove it.  However, sometimes prospective customers don’t “get it.”  They’ll drag their feet, or they’ll get hung up on price.  And sometimes they decide not to work with you.  Ugh!  If only they tried it, they’d realize it was worth it.

Here’s What’s Happening

Your current marketing is failing you.  You’re making mistakes that most small businesses are making.  And as a result, customers are saying “OK cool, we’ll get back to you,” instead of “WOW!  That’s what we need!”

Don’t worry.  I’ve helped over a hundred companies transform their marketing, so prospective customers say “WOW!”

Here’s What We’ll Do

We’re going to supercharge the way you talk about your service or product, so that customers get it and say “WOW!”  You’ll actually get EXCITED to do marketing, because you’ll have a message that captures the awesomeness you have to offer.  And prospective customers will say “WOW! How soon can we get it?”

The Make Them Say “WOW!” The package has three parts:

Messaging Supercharge Workbook

As soon as you book the program, Evan will send you his Messaging Supercharge Workbook.  This step-by-step guide will walk you through a 360-degree analysis of your current marketing messages.  Then it will stretch your thinking and guide you to more powerful ways to describe your awesomeness.

Expect to spend 2 – 4 hours working through the workbook, at your own pace.  Don’t do it all at once, work on it for brief chunks over a week or two.  That helps the ideas percolate!

Brain-Expanding Strategy Session

Get ready to have your mind stretched during this intensive one-on-one strategy session with Evan.  He’ll take you through his “Make Them Say WOW!” process to build on your workbook and get to a whole new way of communicating your awesomeness.  Expect to have a lot of light-bulb “aha!” moments, and you’ll probably say “YES!  Why didn’t I ever think of that?”

Your WOW Message

This is the culmination of the thinking you’ve done in your workbook and the brain-expanding strategy session.  You’ll leave the session with your “WOW Message”—a powerful new way to get prospective customers excited, so they say “WOW!  That’s what we want!”  When you use your WOW Message, you’ll find customers much less concerned about your prices, and much more eager to start working with you.

  • You’ll want to pin your WOW Message up at your desk so you can refer to it constantly, and make prospective customers say “WOW!”

Investment & Signup

You get this whole package for a $850 one-time fee.  How many additional customers will it take to recoup the cost?  Yeah, that’s why this is a killer investment.

– Anthony Gittens, Personal Trainer & Owner, Element Fitness, ” citeLink=””]

Anthony Headshot

Attraction of clients is better and easier, as I now have a very intuitive way of marketing my business.

A very limited number of business owners are accepted each month.  If you place your deposit today you can secure one of the few remaining October spots.

As a special BONUS, I want to offer one more thing.  If, after the Make Them Say “WOW!” Package, you decide you want my help dramatically accelerating your whole customer acquisition process, I’ll apply half of the fee to your future advising bill,* saving you hundreds of dollars!

Only a few spots remain, so if you’re committed to having the next 6-12 months be incredible for your business, reserve your spot now with a $100 deposit (non-refundable).  I’ll get in touch quickly with your Messaging Supercharge Workbook and scheduling info.

– Ray Mancini, Partner, Good World Media, ” citeLink=””]

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I get up and I’m excited to get out there and find clients because we now have a really compelling message

Reserve Your Spot Now

I can’t wait to work with you to make landing new customers SO MUCH EASIER!

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P.S. If any of your friends are looking to supercharge their business, feel free to send them a link to this page.  You can also share it with your networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).  I’m happy to offer this to them, but I can only do it for a limited time!

Note: I make no guarantees about future outcomes. Business results depend on many factors, such as economic trends, competitive trends, and your consistency in executing the plan we develop!

The balance of the package fee is due before the one-on-one strategy session.

* Must begin advising package within 60 days of completing the Make Them Say “WOW!” Package to qualify for the savings.

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