Personal Training for Your Business

This is for you if

You’ve busted your butt and built incredible success so far, with a lot of very happy customers.  Yet you haven’t reached the level of growth and impact you dream about.  And things are stressful.  There’s never enough time in the day, and cash flow is inconsistent and unpredictable.

What you need most right now

Stop “winging it” on the business side of things.  You’re reinventing a wheel that’s already been invented.  (No wonder it’s stressful.)

I will show you the fastest & smartest way to build the business you want.  And I will teach you the skills to become a smarter CEO of your business.  So you can get much better results, in much less time.

This is what we’ll do: Personal Training for Your Business

It’s just like the gym: let’s say you hire a trainer to lose 30 pounds.  Based on their knowledge of physiology and exercise science, the trainer puts together a program with the smartest and fastest route to your goal.  He’ll walk you through it, week-by-week.  You do all the heavy lifting.  He lays out the path, teaches you new skills, and holds you accountable … so you get results way faster than you ever could on your own.

In once a week meetings, I’ll walk you through the smartest and fastest path to your business goals.  Each week, I’ll train you on the next step, and then you’ll spend an hour or two implementing it.  The following week, we’ll troubleshoot any problems, and move to the next step.

Investment & results

In our very first meetings, my clients experience an incredible level of clarity about what they need to be doing.  And they get excited to go do it, because they understand how it will help them reach your goals way faster.

As we work together, you’ll become a smarter and smarter CEO of your business.  You’ll be making the best use of your precious time.  Within a few months, you will see the results of our work building your bottom line.  And that’s just the beginning.

Ready to break free from the perpetual lack of time and/or cash?  Let’s make it happen.  Program options range from about $2000-$4000 per month, with a six-month minimum commitment.  (Big transformation takes time.  And I only work with people who are hungry for a dramatic transformation in their business.)

How many additional customers would recoup the investment?  Probably just a few.  And most clients experience a dramatic increase in revenue.  (Check out some real-life examples on the right side of this page.)

Next step: Diagnostic Consultation

If now is the time to grow faster & smarter than ever before, schedule a Diagnostic Consultation.  This 1-hour process is designed as a mutual interview to determine whether working together is a good fit.  It will:

  • Give Evan clarity into your goals and challenges.  Evan will map out the fastest and smartest path to your goals, and determine if and how he can help.
  • Give you clarity into how Evan would work with you, and the different programs Evan offers.
  • Allow us to reach a mutual decision by the end of the consultation whether to move forward working together.

The Diagnostic Consultation fee is $250, with no additional obligation.  No special preparation is necessary, and you don’t need to have any documents ready.  Typically we conduct the consultation via phone or Skype.

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Now, I have no shortage of business.  I’m getting three times more new clients than ever before.

— Jack Petrie, Founder,

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Ray Headshot

We recommend Evan to other businesses; it’s an investment you have to make for your company.  We weren’t sure we could spare the time or money, but we put it all on the line and the results have been great.

— Ray Mancini & Lina Fenequito, Partners, Good World Media

Anthony Headshot

My business has grown 35% after 6 months with Evan.  Also, I feel a thousand times better about my finances.

— Anthony Gittens, Personal Trainer & Owner, Element Fitness


What Evan provides is awesome!  WOW!  He gave me the tools to pay for his services within the first month.  I’ve increased my sales by 30%, while decreasing the amount of time and energy I’m spending.

— Joseph Pearlman, Acting Coach and Owner, Pearlman Acting Academy

Jeff Headshot

Three months into working with Evan, we had our best month ever.  And sales keep growing.  Our business has doubled over the past year.

— Jeff Solomon & Paul Smith, Co-Owners, Techromatic (IT Consulting)

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